SR&ED Tax Credit Program: Why You Should Work With an SR&ED Consultant

You’ve done plenty of research on the SR&ED claim preparation process, and now you’re ready to take the next step by filing your own claim. If you’ve reached this stage, you probably want to make sure you have all the proper tools and resources to successfully file a claim. The more prepared you are for the process, the fewer surprises and problems you’ll run into later on.

However, taking on the SR&ED claim filing process on your own is easier said than done. There is a considerable amount of time and effort involved in the process, and your team has many other responsibilities to take care of on a daily basis. To prepare a claim successfully, it’s best to turn to the experts. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider working with a SR&ED consultant.

Focusing on Your Team’s Needs

Filing a claim without any outside assistance can be stressful and time-consuming. To prepare claims consistently and effectively, you need to be willing to dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to the process. Your team should be dedicating time and energy to its most pressing needs instead. By trusting a trained professional to navigate the claiming process for you, you won’t lose any of your precious time to the SR&ED Tax Credits program.

Gaining Professional Insight

SR&ED specialists are trained so that they know the SR&ED program inside and out. The program is very robust, and there are many intricate details involved in the claim filing process that the average person won’t pick up on. An expert, on the other hand, knows exactly what to look for when assisting you with a SR&ED claim. You can find peace of mind in knowing that all the details are taken care of when you choose to work with a professional.

Optimizing the Entire Process

There are many different steps involved in the process of preparing a claim. Some of the basic tasks you’ll have to keep track of include:

  • Preparing the schedules
  • Managing the claim process
  • Organizing the supporting SR&ED documentation
  • Maximizing the claim
  • Dealing with the CRA SR&ED with regards to audits/reviews

Navigating this lengthy process on your own is enough of a burden for anyone. In addition, it can take away from your team’s efforts to help your business succeed. With help from a SR&ED specialist, you don’t have to worry about any important details being left out. An expert even works with you over the course of a year to help you prepare your claim. This way, all you have to worry about at the end of the year is assembling forms.

Simplify the Claim Process With a SR&ED Consultant

As you prepare to file an SR&ED Tax Credits claim, consider reaching out to an expert to help you through the process. No matter where you are in the claim preparation process, finding the help you need will allow you to successfully file your claim without losing any valuable time along the way.


Do you have a SRED question? Planning for the future or perhaps you want to know how much your claim might be? Don’t worry, our CPA is always ready to answer any question. Get a SRED expert in your corner.

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