Mastering SR&ED Claim Meetings: Your Pathway to Success

The SR&ED claim process calls for many key steps, one of the most essential being the orchestration of an effective claim preparation meeting. It’s in this meeting that your company’s technical team and SR&ED consultants converge to review project specifics and gather crucial data for constructing a persuasive and precise claim. In this article, we’ll be your compass, guiding you through to mastering SR&ED claim prep meetings, and ensuring a clear and productive dialogue with your technical staff. 

Laying the Groundwork for the SR&ED Claim Preparation Meeting

A well-structured building requires a solid foundation. Here are the crucial preparatory steps for your meeting: 

Deciphering SR&ED Eligibility Criteria

Immerse yourself in the SR&ED eligibility criteria as stipulated by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This understanding will be instrumental in shaping the dialogue and confirming that the projects reviewed during the meeting fulfill the necessary prerequisites. 

Selecting Key Participants

Identify the participants, focusing on those directly engaged with the SR&ED projects. The cohort should consist of project leaders, technical staff, and financial personnel who are accountable for monitoring project expenditures. 

Consolidating Project Information

Assemble significant project data, such as project designs, technical documentation, and financial records. Having this data at hand will streamline conversations and reduce potential time delays. 

Executing the SR&ED Claim Preparation Meeting

Now that the groundwork is laid, let’s navigate the procedure for executing a successful SR&ED claim preparation meeting. 

Design a Clear Agenda

Commence by designing a comprehensive agenda for the meeting. Outline the subjects to be deliberated and provide a brief orientation of the SR&ED program and its eligibility criteria. This aligns everyone’s understanding and maintains focus throughout the meeting. 

Promote Open Communication

Promote an environment of open dialogue and collaboration among meeting participants. Encourage detailed project descriptions from the technical staff by asking open-ended questions about the project’s challenges, uncertainties, and advancements – key information in establishing SR&ED eligibility. 

Discuss Project Goals and Objectives

Deliberate over the aims and objectives of each SR&ED project. This not only confirms alignment with SR&ED eligibility criteria but also illuminates the broader scope of their work and its contribution to the company’s overall trajectory. 

Yearly Overview

Examine the work conducted over the year in the context of eligibility criteria. Engage with each team member to understand their role and contributions to the project. 

Assess Eligible Expenditures

Scrutinize the types of eligible expenditures for SR&ED projects, including salaries, materials, and subcontractor fees. It’s vital that the financial personnel understand the costs that can be incorporated in the claim and maintain precise records to back these expenditures. 

Reserve Time for Questions

Allocate time for participants to raise questions or seek clarity on any aspect of the SR&ED program. Addressing queries and providing clear explanations will ensure a unified understanding among all participants. 

Follow-Up After the Meeting

Once the meetings conclude, follow up to collect any additional data required for the SR&ED claim. This could entail: 

  • Procuring further documentation to support the claim 
  • Clarifying project specifics 
  • Confirming financial records and eligible expenses 


Effectively mastering SR&ED claim prep meetings is paramount in assembling a compelling and precise claim. By meticulously reviewing the eligibility criteria, consolidating project data, outlining a clear agenda, fostering open communication, and thoroughly discussing project goals and eligible expenditures, you’ll be well-equipped to make your meeting both productive and informative. With a well-conducted claim preparation meeting and thorough follow-up, your path to a successful claim becomes markedly smoother. 


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