Why SR&ED Consultancy Outsourcing Makes Sense

Ask yourself “Why SR&ED consultancy outsourcing makes sense?” It’s so that we take care of all that boring paperwork, while you continue to do what you do best – innovating. SR&ED tax credits… They’re a bit like learning to salsa dance from a YouTube video. You start off confident, thinking, “How hard can it be?” But a few missteps later and you’re tangled in your own feet, wishing for a more experienced dance partner. That’s where we, at Bloom Technical, step in, ready to cha-cha you through the SR&ED process.


Access to Expertise and Resources   

Deep Knowledge of SR&ED Program 

Think of the SR&ED program as an intricate dance. The steps are specific and there’s little room for error. Now imagine your consultancy as your professional dance partner. We’ve mastered the waltz with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and have the blisters to prove it. Our expertise means we can spot eligible projects from a mile away and whisk you across the dance floor of documentation. All you have to do? Follow our lead and enjoy the dance. 


Industry-Specific Expertise 

Not all businesses are created equal – and neither are SR&ED claims. Our team isn’t just a group of generalists; we’ve got experts with insider knowledge on your specific industry. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for SR&ED – each tool is perfectly honed for your unique requirements. 


Reduced Administrative Burden 

Time and Resource Savings 

Here’s a thought experiment: Imagine all the hours you’d spend grappling with SR&ED paperwork. Now, instead, visualize those hours poured into innovation, brainstorming, or perhaps a prolonged coffee break. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? By entrusting your SR&ED worries to a consultancy, you trade potential headaches for peace of mind, and bureaucratic wrangling for business growth. 


Streamlined Processes  

Just like you wouldn’t send a cat to a dog show, you shouldn’t send an untrained professional into the SR&ED maze. We’ve been around this block (and the CRA’s block) plenty of times. We’ve streamlined our processes to an art form, ensuring minimal bumps and maximum efficiency. 


Increased Likelihood of Successful Claims 

Expert Claim Preparation 

Crafting a successful SR&ED claim is a bit like baking a soufflé – one misstep and it all deflates. But with us at the helm, you’re assured a Michelin-star-worthy claim. Our consultative gourmet touch ensures no detail is overlooked and that every claim rises to its fullest potential. 


Ongoing Support and Representation   

Imagine having a seasoned tour guide when you’re navigating a foreign city. That’s us, but for the SR&ED journey. If the CRA decides to knock on your door for an audit, we’ll be right beside you, guiding every step of the way. We’ve got your back. 



So there you have it! The reason why SR&ED consultancy outsourcing makes sense: It’s a bit like asking your friend who’s great at assembling IKEA furniture for help, instead of fumbling with the “not-so-clear” instructions yourself. They’ve got the tools, know-how, and patience to get it just right, while you save yourself from potential meltdowns. We all have our strengths; why not play to them?

The next time you think SR&ED, think of us as your personal GPS, guiding you through each twist and turn, ensuring you don’t miss a thing and maximizing your rewards. Outsourcing may sound like a buzzword, but in the world of SR&ED, it’s the ace up your sleeve. The logic behind outsourcing to consultants like Bloom Technical, we work always by your side. So, let’s grow and bloom together. Cheers to more innovation and (let’s admit it) less paperwork!


Do you have a SRED question? Planning for the future or perhaps you want to know how much your claim might be? Don’t worry, our CPA is always ready to answer any question. Get a SRED expert in your corner.

Have a question? We’d love to help. If you don’t have a SR&ED expert in your corner, doesn’t it make sense to have one?

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