Careers At Bloom

At Bloom we do two things really well:

  • Create a supportive, fun and positive work environment.
  • Help Canada’s cutting edge entrepreneurs get access to SR&ED funds.

Our people focused core values are as follows:

  1. Open, honest & supportive workplace.
  2.  Committed to success.
  3. Empowering team members.
  4.  Support professional & personnel development.
  5.  Zero tolerance for toxicity.
Life At Bloom

We believe it’s not what you do, it’s who you do it with. With that in mind, Bloom is a place where we employ democratic leadership and champion the best idea, regardless of who or where it came from. The idea of fitting into and making a team better is paramount. Working at Bloom, you will also enjoy the freedom to work how, and where you want; hybrid, home or office, take your pick. We will supply you with a sit stand desk, ergonomic chair and swanky new laptop. While we may be spread out across the country, we see one another in our virtual office, via Gather Town, daily. The below image was taken during the screen wars!

Bloom Medical Benefits

We have a variety of benefits including a comprehensive package from Pacific Blue Cross. Our plan includes medical (80%), dental (100%), Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Eye Coverage, Paramedicals, Counseling, Coaching and more.

Additional Benefits:
  • $1500 towards additional health expenses per year.
  • $100 towards books.
  • $300 towards Udemy courses.

Note: Books and courses DO NOT have to be work related.


Business Development Manager

At Bloom, we provide rewarding careers for passionate, positive team players. We are the most transparent SR&ED company in Canada and the only ones to have publicly posted rates and a guarantee. We need a new Business Development Manager to join our growing team.

Your job is to turn prospects into clients. You will do this using a combination of videos and email, attending events and occasionally traveling. We work as a team and meet every week to share our experiences and help one another move forward. If you ever find a better way to do anything, you are encouraged to bring those ideas forward, we are always looking to get better.

  • $3000/month base salary.
  • $3000/month activity bonuses (videos, emails, leads, follow-up etc)
  • $1000/new client.
  • 1% – 2.5% accumulated sales bonus paid annually (see below).

The accumulated sales bonus is an annual bonus. It starts at 1% and on your third year of employment reaches its maximum at 2.5%. It is calculated by multiplying your percentage by the amount of sales your clients have each year. Once you sign a client, you get the bonus as long as they are with Bloom. As an example, someone who has been working with Bloom for 3 years and had 15 new clients/year could expect to have $800K in sales. So the bonus amount would be 2.5% x $800K = $20,000.

Using the above example, total compensation for the year would be as follows: $36K base, $36K activity bonus, $15K new clients & $20K accumulated sales bonus. Total compensation for the year would be $107,000.

Maximum accumulated sales bonus is $100K.