Our SRED tax credit consultants help people everyday. Sometimes it’s a project eligibility question, sometimes it’s a technical report question and sometimes it has nothing to do with SRED at all (and that’s fine). Some of the people we help are clients, some of the people we help are trying to navigate a claim on their own. Regardless, everyone we engage with can feel confident they have a SRED expert in their corner. After all, if you don’t have a expert in your corner, doesn’t it make sense to get one?

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Leadership Team

Logan Hanson

Chief Executive Officer

Logan gets visibly animated and excited when discussing a new SR&ED project. A new angle, the latest audit defense or even the latest legislative updates from the CRA. Seriously, the man lives and breathes this stuff. Logan had his first introduction to SR&ED about 20 years ago while working at a software company and it was love at first refund. Take his technical background, toss in his Chartered Accountant designation, sprinkle in his hardworking attitude and you get millions in returns for his clients (and a lot more grey hair). People who love what they do, are great at what they do and Logan loves SR&ED.

Jude Brown

Director of Business Development

In a just world, the saying would be “A Jude of all trades” but alas Jack got all the credit. Jude has owned multiple businesses, worked for government overseas, been employed as an accountant, as well as many years in sales and marketing. What is this motley set of experiences good for? Shockingly it’s perfect for someone in business development at Bloom. Someone like Jude who excels at helping people grow their businesses by giving them free money. If you have time to chat, Jude would love to talk with you anytime about your latest project, your business, marketing, the latest Soylent formulation or all things gaming related.