SR&ED Dream Team

The Bloom Technical crew – left to right:

Logan Hanson

CPA | Founder / CTO

James Collett

Senior Technical Project Manager

Jamie Fraser

Customer Relationship Manager

Evan Batchelor

Business Development Manager

Jude Brown

Founder / CEO


Our SR&ED tax credit consultants help people everyday. Sometimes it’s a project eligibility question, sometimes it’s a technical report question and sometimes it has nothing to do with SR&ED at all (and that’s fine). Some of the people we help are clients, some of the people we help are trying to navigate a claim on their own. Regardless, everyone we engage with can feel confident they have a SR&ED expert in their corner. After all, if you don’t have an expert in your corner, doesn’t it make sense to get one?

Let’s get in touch. We can go over your current claim or provide guidance on how you can be SR&ED ready for your next venture. Whatever stage you are at, we are happy to engage. Whatever you need, we’ll make sure we provide everything you need to know to make an informed decision.