SR&ED Tips


Our SR&ED tips help with everything from what software to use, to documentation and the technical reports. But we also talk about anything related to business and what our clients have done to make themselves successful. Unlike most other SR&ED firms, ours is owned and operated by a team of CPA’s who have been dealing with tax, accounting, payroll and audit issues their entire lives. When we provide a SR&ED Tips, it comes from a team of people with decades of experience and know how.

SR&ED Advice

If you are looking for a specific piece of information, simply contact us, and we can usually get you an answer within 1 business day at most. We are also happy to provide video responses or work with a specific scenario you areĀ  in whether it’s an audit or some confusion on what can and can not be claimed in your SR&ED tax credit claim. We are also happy to provide guidance and advice to those who are navigating the SR&ED waters by themselves. Whatever the situation is, or whatever the industry is you are in, we’ve probably seen or been involved with something similar.


We are fortunate enough to have a large client base with which to draw from. While privacy is always paramount, we are able to draw on the knowledge gained from our clients over the years to offer advice on software, payroll best practices, hours tracking and more. We also introduce clients when appropriate, and have had several that have worked together on short term projects and some that are still working together to this day. Needless to say we look to add value to your business, even outside of the SR&ED tax credit program.

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